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3 biggest mistakes
Professional Level
astonishing Special Effects
3 Biggest Mistakes
"Professional Level"
Astonishing Special Effects
The biggest "rookie" mistakes most beginners make when painting a motorcycle. Follow along closely and you'll easily "skip to the front of the line" without all the fuss and without hassle.
How to quickly achieve a professional level paint job with a minimum amount of equipment. Forget about the "fat-cats" who want you to buy their expensive nonsense (which you don't need). I'll show you how to do it all fast and without much "upfront" cash -- so you can produce "big work" without the big-bucks.
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I respect your privacy. I will NEVER sell or share your email address.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary, the level of success attained depends on your abilities, skill level and actual time devoted to practicing the techniques.


Doc, Head Golf Nut

Jimbo Curley

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Fire Storm: Vivid Special FX: Real Flames:

Featuring: Lary Savi

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Featuring: Lary Savi

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real flames

Featuring: Jimbo Curley

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In this package you'll also learn how to create 5 different flame types including: jet blast, windswept flames, ribbon flames, hot-spots, and break-away flames.

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